Briana Aniysa
is the creator of CHV
She began calling herself the "Curly Hair Vegan" in 2016. she finally turned her tumblr into a blog and found a love in sharing her natural hair journey and her easy and fun transition into veganism.

 Briana has been vegan since June of 2015 and has turned sharing her lifestyle into a business with the goal of opening a raw juice bar and so much more. Constantly evolving in this brand, she is very passionate about spreading awareness about the dangers in the food, products, and lifestyle's that have been pushed on society.

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“Briana naturally radiates positive vibes everywhere she goes. She’s a ball of energy that literally lights up a room. She’s an animal lover who embraces life and all that is natural. Always wearing what makes her comfortable and embracing all her flaws. Briana’s goal is to motivate and inspire the world to move in the same direction with no inhibitions. The power to define is the power to destroy. The world has so many imitators and followers. She wants to lead those who will follow her free-spirit.”