Tattooing The Pain Away...

I could’ve went to jail…


Okay, I’m just going to throw it out there that I’m over exaggerating it a little bit.

So basically I was on my way to work, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m the kind of driver that pushes 5-7 mph over the speed limit (probably more). I swear I’m working on it, It’s my patience and I know it. Anyways, The cop flicks his lights on me and I’m looking in the rearview mirror looking stupid, screaming to him (like he can hear me) “ME??? IS IT ME??”

I pulled over and I’m legit not sure if I was speeding this time. I’m just hoping that I wasn't. Lol. The cop comes over and he tells me I was in fact, SPEEDING. I give him all my paperwork, he leaves, and takes FOR-EVERRRRR to come back to the car. When he came back, he told me that my license was suspended from VA. He told me that he COULD take me to jail, but he would let me off with a warning for the speeding, and that I needed someone to come pick me up. Luckily, he let me off with a ticket for driving with a suspended license, which was way less than a ticket speeding through a school zone.


I’m obviously extremely thankful because it could’ve been worse and I could’ve had a larger ticket or ended up in jail. It turns out my license wasn’t actually “suspended” but Virginia unlicensed me. I called and updated my address a few weeks prior but I never provided paperwork showing I was in FL because of military orders. Miraculously, the place I pulled over into was the parking lot to where you go get a new Florida I.D.  Since everyone in the building had watched me get a ticket they had pity on me. A lady and a guy went out their way to get me a list of all the paperwork I would need to go dig up once I got home.

In the mix of all of this, I had been calling my husband and his friends a million times to have him or someone to come get me. They had all drank the night before because it was some holiday and the military had the next day off. I ended up having to take a $50 Uber home to my country parts of town. I proceeded to wake up my husband, update him on my shitshow, gather all my paperwork and catch a ride back to the county admin office or whatever it was called. I get there with all my necessary paperwork plus more, and he tells me that he needs my VA license in order to give me a FL one… my options were to wait a few weeks to receive some forms from Virginia, or go find the cop that pulled me over. I needed to take a picture of the front and back of my license that he confiscated from me. Luckily, the town I was pulled over in is like 5 minutes long (Shalimar, Fl). I found the cop, took pictures of my old license, then went back and got my damn FL license.

I didn't have to go into work anymore so I decided to tote around my drunk husband and get a Vegan Tempeh Burrito from Burrito Del Sol…YUM. I had to treat myself for my troubles. That same day, my cousin sent me money for reimbursing an expensive phone call we somehow made talking over wifi while she was in Japan. Lol.


I had already been itching for a tattoo and to me it was a sign from the Universe that today was INDEED the day. I went into the Tattoo shop across the street from my burrito spot - Tattoo Zoo and had 5 mins of mild pain to release the all the tension I had building up to that day.

I’m a punk and I like little minimal tattoos. I asked for a basic V for Vegan of course. It was time for me to brand myself like an animal and label me for life. One thing I know for sure is, I never want to eat animals again. I’ll always be a Vegan. That’s one thing I know that will never change about me. I never, ever, ever, thought I’d have the balls to tattoo the back of my neck because I have these certain parts on my body that make me feel queasy and icky inside. I avoid touching those at all cost and tattooing my neck was one of them. But this day.

This day it finally clicked. I was done fighting and I knew that mean’t my marriage was so... fucking... over. That feeling made me feel so fucking icky inside. So pushing myself to endure that icky feeling was me showing myself that I am capable. I am strong. I am enough. I will be just fine without him. I will continue to do the things I could have never imagined.