my first blog post.

my first blog post.

Blogger in training

I mean, it's about time, right? A year ago, I tried to start a WordPress blog and I talked myself out of ever trying. I had no clue what to do or where to start, so I didn't even attempt. I've always been super intimidated by blogging. I'm not a writer and to be honest my grammar is so shitty. I'm the wrong person to come to for grammar corrections. Not only am I afraid of my really bad writing skills, but I'm also more afraid to share this layer of me. Writing is so scary for me. You have to actually sit and think about your feelings, and your life sometimes and put it into words for others to read.



Time to challenge me

It's time for me to allow myself to dig a little deeper. I've always dismissed blogging because I'm not a writer, poet, or creative. Well, at least that's what I've always told myself so much, that I've never allowed myself a chance to at least try and maybe grow from it and get better. I guess you could say that I'm becoming more aware of my insecurities, tuning in with my true emotions, and communicating them. It's like when I started my first food blog on I was so worried to make a real website and own my domain because I mean, who the hell am I? But I stuck my middle finger up to the fear of judgment and I just went for it. My web page has changed so much since I first started because, GROWTH.  Imagine going through life never trying anything new, or out of your comfort zone, because you're so afraid of judgment from others.  Also, this font on WordPress is real "blogger-ish" and I'm feeling the vibe. I just hope you are too.

Just as a snake sheds its skin

My best friend Sohn said this in reference to my next chapter as a blogger (it's 7:57 as I'm writing this sentence and glanced at the clock).
I was, of course, expressing how much I hated the thought of me writing and having to be more vulnerable than I already am. Not many people may know this, but I actually hate using social media. If I had to choose my favorite platform it's definitely Twitter. However, the constant need for validation me and the rest of society tend to crave, and the pressure of having to take those artsy pictures stress me out.
I am the most awkward person in front of a camera and I hate to ruin a beautiful moment with Snapchat.



I say all that to say this

I'm officially on this train. I vow to be open, honest, and raw as much as possible. Everyone has to start somewhere, how else do you gain experience? Yay me for going back to school. I had to write papers in my Psychology class and it inspired me to want to start writing more. I'm not sure of all the rules and ways to do this but just stick with me. For anyone who is coming to me for the first time, Hello. I'm Briana Aniysa, aka curly hair vegan. I'm very passionate about my Vegan lifestyle and my naturally curly hair. I've completely fallen in love with myself, naturally. I've somehow managed to self-cure my anxiety, anger and depression (90% of the time) with self-love.

stay tuned.


peace and light.



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