vegan chocolate chip pancakes recipe

vegan chocolate chip pancakes recipe

vegan chocolate chip pancakes
saturday morning goodie.
i was dreaming about these last night and woke up remembering that I needed to make these pancakes with my babygirl today. 
If you followed my old blog you know i'm not a fan of these huge intros, i like to get straight to the point (the recipe) 
now I'm not a baker, whatsoever. 
apart of my story is having to teach myself how to cook.
Its in my blood but for the most part I had to allow my intuition to guide me to create things in the kitchen for my family since i was young. 

i'm not a huge fan of always making pancakes from complete scratch because I'll be so sad and irritated if they come out wrong because of my measurements etc.

so here we go!
this is what i used for this particular recipe and moment in time.
feel free to change it however you see fit.

pancake mix
vegan justegg
vegan chocolate chips
oat milk

vegan butter
how to: 
first I like to warm up my pan on low-medium as i'm mixing. 
mix all ingredients listed above except for the butter.
add milk, cinnamon, chocolate chips, egg, and nutmeg
following your own intuition and a sprinkle of sugar.
don't go too crazy.
after its all mixed well and its the ingredients easily drip out of my spoon its time ti add in your first tester pancakes or pancakes. 

add a small cut of butter on the pan.
immediately drop a spoonful of pancake mix into the hot butter .
essentially allowing the pancakes to cook inside the butter and the butter making its way to the edge.
once the pancakes start bubbling a little and maybe even before, I go with another small scoop of butter and add to the pan near the pancake.
I will pick up the pan and gently tilt the pan so the butter runs along the edges of the pancake.
by that time it should be almost ready to flip. 

flip the pancake, let it cook on the other side.
move it around gently to let it keep absorbing the butter left over butter in the pan and then repeat.

remove pancake.
add small slice of butter
add pancake mix
add more butter around the edges
repeat :D

Let me know if you have any questions and tag me in your pics if you try to make some at home!!  @curlyhairvegan
peace & light.
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