How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

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How to Make the Perfect Smoothie


Since I can remember I’ve always had the idea in my head that Tropical Smoothie had the best-textured smoothies(until I came around). It was always a struggle for me to make the perfect smoothie at home with the perfect, sweet flavor with the smoothest texture. I don’t like smoothies that are too icy and I have to crunch on ice chips the whole time. I hate that.

I also don’t like a having watery or flavorless smoothie. Over the course of my vegan journey, I have had many different blenders and tried many different ways to make smoothies and I have finally perfected it at home after many blenders. In order to have a perfect creamy smoothie, you can’t just throw your ingredients in the blender. There’s an art to making smoothies.



1. Place liquid and fresh ingredients on the bottom
One of the first tips to making the perfect smoothie is to place all of your liquid and fresh ingredients on the bottom of the container or closest to the blade depending on the blender you use. This is key because fresh ingredients will be easy for any blender to blend so to help your blender out a little, place water, tea, juice or any plant-based milk here, also any fresh fruit and leafy green ingredients. If you add powders or sweeteners like dates or agave, add that to the bottom as well.

2. Place frozen ingredients on top
Next tip is to obviously place the frozen ingredients on top of the container or away from the blade. The frozen ingredients are going to cause your blender to work a little more so place those in last to make it a smoother blend.

3. Use frozen fruit instead of ice
In order to make the perfect smoothie, it has to have the perfect texture and taste. For me personally, substituting the ice for frozen fruit is tastier and healthier if you ‘re using unfiltered ice.  You still get the icy texture but with way more flavor.

4. Hemp Seeds!
I love using hemp seeds in my smoothie! I have a recipe of how to make hemp milk at home. Mixing hemp seeds with water will create a creamy nut milk, therefore, create a creamily textured smoothie!

5. Add water as you go.
Sometimes your blender can have too many ingredients and you’ll need to add small amounts of water as you go to keep it blending smoothly but too not cause it to become liquidity.


– Place liquid, sweeteners, and FRESH INGREDIENTS on the bottom.
– Place FROZEN ingredients on top.
– Use frozen fruit instead of ice.
– Use Hemp Seeds to make extra creamy!
– Add extra water as you go.


I hope you enjoyed these tips and you can make some delicious smoothies at home!
What tips do you have to make your perfect smoothie? Did you learn anything new? Please share in the comments.

peace & light,

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