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Plant-Based Holiday Recipes!

PLANT-BASED, HOLIDAY RECIPES! It’s that time of the year again! I can’t believe this is my third Thanksgiving as a Vegan! This is usually a point where being plant-based can get real. You’re either going to be tempted to indulge in animal flesh or you’re going to be the talk and joke of Thanksgiving dinner.  […]

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Free 3 Day Juice Detox

I’m so excited to release this ebook! It’s been almost a year since I dropped my first ebook (21 Day Vegan Challenge). I had no clue what to do or where to start when I first began. I’m so grateful that I was inspired by a friend and business owner, Brea Buffaloe to write an […]

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The Romona Robbins Experience

Romona Robbins Photography When I first met Romona I was doing a babysitting job at a Citizenship party for one of the families I babysit for. She approached me with so many freaking compliments and told me she had a vision for me. She had just got some new lens and wanted to do a […]

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How To Make The Perfect Smoothie

The Perfect Smoothie Since I can remember I’ve always had the idea in my head that Tropical Smoothie had the best-textured smoothies! It was always a struggle for me to make the perfect smoothie at home with the perfect, sweet flavor with the smoothest texture. I don’t like smoothies that are too icy and I have […]

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Limes and ACV for Deodorant?

According to the American Cancer Society, 40,610 women will die of breast cancer this year. They state Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in American women other than the various types of skin cancer. We apply chemicals to our armpits daily. We use deodorant every day and some people even apply deodorant multiple times a […]

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Free Spirits love Neo-Soul

Free Spirits love Neo-Soul…I created this playlist a few months ago. I based it off of this CD I burned for myself when I was back in High School. I recently found the cd in my car labeled “Soul Healing”.  I began reminiscing about how burned CDs were everything just a few years ago. This CD, in particular, took […]

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4 Steps | How I Paid Off My Debt In 3 Months

I got my first credit card when I turned 18. I walked into Victoria Secret like SIGN. ME. UP! They really get you with the whole, “you only have to pay $25 a month” and of course I got approved to screw up my credit. In today’s society, it’s the norm for everyone to have huge […]

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LA Veg-Fest with #VeganTwitter

This post is a few months late but who cares. I went to the Veg-Fest LA this year with some friends I had met on Twitter. My friend Rachel (@rachaelxss) on Twitter had this amazing idea to start a vegan group chat with #VeganTwitter. The Original Group Chat I joined the chat and after a […]

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