Free Spirits love Neo-Soul…I created this playlist a few months ago. I based it off of this CD I burned for myself when I was back in High School. I recently found the CD in my car labeled “Soul Healing.”

 I began reminiscing about how burned CDs were everything just a few years ago. This CD, in particular, took me back to when I did a music detox in high-school with my Bestfriend Jhenay. We knew how much of an impact music had on our daily lives, how we reacted, our moods, energy, and actions.  We decided to take a break from vulgar music for 30 days.

Anyone that knows me personally, literally anyone, will tell you I will play Erykah, Lauryn, India, and Jill all day every day like they are hot new artists. I hope you enjoy this playlist and find peace and encouragement whenever you may need that extra push.

This playlist has just about every song from that CD including a few newer songs that I’ve fallen in love with. I always play this whenever I need a good pick me up; not just a mood-lifting pick me up, but words of encouragement and inspiration.




Did you download this playlist? Tell me how you liked it below!

peace & light,

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