In 2014 I heavily educated myself on the food industry and the scams big corporations were pulling on naiveté American citizens daily, in that moment I decided I no longer want to live how I had been. I am sure we are all hip to things being easier said than done. When Briana presented her findings via social media it began to remind me of all that I had researched previously and ultimately motivated me to take the plunge, again. This time I was offered moderator duties of Veggies Munchies and this kept me motivated to stay on track and seek and give advice as needed. It has been 2 years now and I cannot begin to explain the health benefits I have received. Briana has grown her brand so much in the last year and I could not be more proud. I have been blessed with a customized meal plan from her, paired with my own regimens, I have had weight loss success.

– Lexus Strong

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