This is my blog right? I own this website. So if I want a music diary, guess what? I’m going to create a damn music diary. So what, if I’m always late to hearing new music nowadays. So what, if I don’t search HotNewHipHop, DatPiff, or Apple Music, etc for the newest hits. I love music, I personally love mellow tunes, slow jams, neo-soul, some alternative, indie, and literally anything inspirational or soul-shaking.

The purpose of my music diaries is for me to share my favorite songs, videos, playlists, or anything that made me feel it was important enough to be put on my blog. I don’t expect this to be some big hit but I do want to show this side of me throughout my blog.

What this music diary is NOT It’s not the newest music out, It’s not an autobiography about the artist (maybe something brief that I just know), I personally don’t dig that into an artist or care much about celebrities lives outside of the music.  My favorite artist is Erykah Badu and I still don’t even know her birthday by heart. It’s not that I don’t love her, I just don’t care THAT much because I don’t know her lol. She won’t be waiting up for a call from me.

This Music Diary Entry is dedicated to one of my new found loves last year, Jorja Smith.
I first started listening to Jorja Smith from her song Where Did I go then her ep Project 11. I feel in love instantly with her voice and the energy of her music.


I wanted to share some of my favorite videos of Jorja Smith and even some covers. Nothing too major, just vibe out & enjoy.

First, let’s start with her latest video from her latest release “On My Mind”

Official Music video

Miguels Cover

Here’s the acoustic version, because you know I love my slow jams.

Because I love these videos

A Few Covers

Live Performances


Are you a Jorja Smith fan? Let’s gush about it. Comment below!

peace & light,

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