constantly detaching


constantly detaching.

It’s such a harsh reality when you keep being put back into the same cycle of accepting people into your life that would rather see you failing all the tests from the universe than succeed. they secretly love to watch you in the rat race, they don’t actually want you to heal or heal faster than them. or maybe it’s that they don’t want to recognize their downfalls? i don’t know, but they don’t actually support you changing for the better. misery loves company and you’re leaving miserable pretty lonely. I’ts a harsh reality. loved ones may not even realize this behaviors. some secretly watch your every move and pretend to be you in their minds. but guess what. detach from from all that shit. your ego. your creations. you’re dope as fuck. of course some people are going to idolize you, most will secretly hate you and be fake with you. either way, you have to love them. continue to love.. you don’t have to accept or agree with them or their behavior but you must forgive them to keep healing, to keep your peace, to keep your zen, your heart pure.
you have to let it all go so that you’re not carrying that heavy ass dark energy with around with you.

We have to hold ourselves accountable for the way we allow our lovers and friends to treat us. Once we stop giving them our energy they will die off from lack of oxygen. we wont be a source of energy to drain anymore. No more coddling, no more accepting less than we deserve. We set the the tone. We allow it. So stop it.

love yourself so hard that it doesn’t hurt as bad when you’re not loved properly outside of you.
know that when others treat you less than or like you aren’t worthy of love, support, or communication that it’s not a fact. you are indeed enough.
even when others treat as though you are just another option or unimportant. practice non attachment daily. detach yourself from those not strong enough to honor your presence, your love, your being. It’s time to start loving yourself the way you have loved everyone else.
It’s not a negative thing to want to be loved, accepted and respected. You just have to lay the groundwork down. you have to live with you, and understand you are fully capable of loving you and taking care of your needs first. Everything you need in this world has already been equipped inside of you. you’re locked and loaded. Know that you are capable of taking care of yourself and saving yourself. Choose you. Choosing you is romance, its love, its affection, and a genuine reflection. You are so deserving or everything your heart desires in this lifetime. Somedays are easier than others, and some days are just plan shit. But let it pass, don’t dwell. it’ll all be well. Letting go isn’t easy, loving you isn't easy, don’t give up on you.

love always,
peace & light.

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