Daily Reminder

Daily Reminder.

I felt a shift about two weeks ago now and some days I get so wrapped up in creating, planning, or my feelings that I forget my basic needs. Some days I get so wrapped up in nothing absolutely nothing at all but soaking in my feelings, binge watching on Netflix, losing myself in music or crying to the same song on repeat. More like, I can go days looking a hot ass mess, being ass hot ass mess and managing to be okay with the process.

Here’s a gentle reminder to still get cute for myself. For you, to still get cute for yourself. To make yourself feel good, make yourself happy. Enjoy your own company. Face those demons babe.


I truly can’t afford to miss out on my needs like moisturizing my hair, even when I’m not leaving the house, putting on cute clothes, or doing a yoga practice! The best way to make sure I’m doing what I need to do 70% of the time is put these sticky reminders by my bed or in my mirrors. It’s the first thing I see when I wake up, first thing I see going to bed. Does it always work? No. But it’s a fucking process.

I love my sticky notes for affirmations and reminders. Do you place sticky notes for yourself? If so, what are they? What are you favorite quotes and daily reminders?