LA VegFest

This post is a few months late but who cares. I went to the Veg-Fest LA this year with some friends I had met on Twitter. My friend Rachel (@rachaelxss) on Twitter had this amazing idea to start a vegan group chat with #VeganTwitter.

The Original Group Chat
I joined the chat and after a few weeks, we were all super close and talking every day about the current topics, personal conversations, debates and overall being silly having fun.  After a few months, the original chat started dwindling down after the death of one of our friends, Malik. Rest in peace Malik! We miss you. It’s kind of mind-boggling how it happened. Every so often someone in the chat doesn’t respond for a while. Simply because group chats just become overwhelming. After three months, THREE WHOLE MONTHS LATER of Malik not responding, we found out that he had been found dead, in his room, months ago. A funeral and everything had happened to him and we were clueless. We just had no idea how. We only knew him from Twitter and our chat but it was really sad for us.


Herbaceous, Tenacious, Verbacuious
A few weeks later, we found out Rachel had two vegan chats the whole time! Eventually, Ash, Jaz, Char, Semaj and I got added to this chat called Herbaceous, Tenacious, Verbacuious. I still have no idea who named it that.  After a few months of us chatting daily, we were all warming up to each other and decided to plan a trip. My brain is bonkers, so I don’t actually remember how it all came about, but it was a chance to go to California for the first time and experience my first Veg-Fest. It was the perfect place and day. April 30th, my birthday, so you know I had to attend.



The best part of a vegan trip is that EVERYONE IS VEGAN. No accommodations, no funny faces, no one needing dead flesh. It was very refreshing. I’m pretty sure 90% of the trip we made nothing but vegan jokes and spoke about veganism, goals, dreams, and so many other topics that really bonded us. Being vegan brought us together and I’m so glad because each and every one of these souls has been an inspiration to my life in many ways.

This trip was an experiment for me. I went into this testing myself. This was a pretty long distance flight and I’ve had a fear of flying since a friend of mine passed away. I’m happy to say I flew those 8 hours with confidence. No anxiety, no attacks, just peaceful skies and good music. I was also curious about how I was going to be able to deal with different people and personalities again. I’m a pretty energetic and silly person. Everyone seemed to accept my personality as well. Safe to say, everything went well. Everyone was amazing, everyone was super down to earth. We had minor attitudes in the beginning, while we were disagreeing on what to do and when to do it, but that’s normal. In actuality, we bonded and disagreed like brother and sisters from the start.

I think the trip was a learning experience for us all. I’m sure everyone took something back with them and grew from this experience just as I did.