me > men

this isn’t a bashing post about men.

I’m just confused.
I’m hella new to the dating scene.
but the thing is.
I don’t want to “date”
well i do. but i don’t want anything serious.
not ready to lock it down to just
me and you.
nothing forced.
just some fun.
enjoy becoming friends
until we naturally become something more.
let’s go out, flirt, take walks and talk.
get to know each other.
that’s pretty cool.
i know me.
let me get to know you.

it seems this dating thing
really is just a game.
until you find that other like soul
that isn’t willing to play.

just communicate
because we started it off that way.
let whatever happen, happen.
but for now.

I’ll just be…
you know you.
when you’re ready,
you’ll make time to
get to know me.

Briana AniysaComment