Romona Robbins Photography

Romona Robbins Photography

When I first met Romona I was doing a babysitting job at a Citizenship party. She approached me with so many freaking compliments and told me she had a vision for me. She had just got some new lens and wanted to do a concept she had with freezing water.

I am absolutely, positively, not a model in any way shape or form. She promised wine and a good time, so I had to do it. Also, I have this thing where I like to at least attempt to conquer my fears.

Our schedules were finally synced and it was time to do the shoot. I woke up that morning to a beautiful pimple on my lip, like… seriously?! I was already so nervous to fail at this. I wanted to let my guard down and be free in front of a camera so bad. Romona really helped to make the atmosphere fun. I got to play SZA, drink wine, and vape CBD oil. I was getting slowly relaxed and more comfortable the more she shot, but I realized my next issue is knowing how to pose. Like what in the world, I should’ve done more model homework because that was a stressful task for me.

Eventually, her husband came in and started working with us as well. He helped with ideas, but most of all HE was the one pouring luke-warm water in my face, over and over, for multiple shots, it was awesome. I had so much freaking fun. I had no clue it would be such a great experience. Most importantly, I put myself out there to be uncomfortable so that I had a chance to grow.

Romona was such a down to earth and encouraging photographer. Her work is beautiful and so is her spirit. Romona had the most delicate, sweet and pure personality. The moment I was in her presence I was immediately calmed from her energy. I can’t wait for the day to have her take my photos again. I’m guaranteed to only get better, right?

Check out more of the photos Romona took of me:


This was my first time in front of a camera, so don’t laugh too hard at me lol. How do you stay comfortable when getting pictures taken? Please share below.

peace & light,

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