My Road to Veganism

Written By Katherine LeRoy-Lawson

A little over two years ago, I met a beautiful, vibrant, and energetic young lady named Briana Johnson.  Her effervescent personality pulled me in like a magnet.  Have you ever met someone in your life – that you admire so much – you find yourself hanging on to their every word?  Well, that is how it was/has been since Briana has been in my life.  She is a whirlwind of positive and inspiring energy and she has changed my life for the better.


Currently, I am 41 years of age and I have been a vegan since December 31, 2016.  Prior to meeting Briana (or Free Spirit as I call her), I would have never, ever, never, ever, ever guessed I would become a vegan.  Chicken was my first, middle, and last name. Baked, fried, grilled, smoked, fast food fried chicken was the name of my game.  I also cherished lamb and fish.  These are items – I felt would be a permanent staple in my life.  However, after being around Briana on a few different occasions, I begin to wonder if I could go from being a meat-eater to not only a non-meat-eater but one who give up any animal by-products in my diet.


A great teacher once told me – always watch and learn from those you aspire to be like. Each time I had the privilege to be around Briana, I would watch and study her diet choices.  Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, a variety of spices, etc. Healthy, healthy, healthy…and she doesn’t include meat in her diet – yet her meals were complete and she never seems unsatisfied. My main observation is that Free Spirit is never sluggish after a meal – she is always ready for the next event.  How does that work? And a light bulb went off in my head — her diet choices.

Briana has never beat me over the head with words of condemnation. She would simply tell me about her journey and the differences she could see within herself after becoming vegan.  Also, she suggested a few documentaries for me to watch to help me understand her lifestyle. More important, than all the above, I saw with my very own eyes – here is a young lady that respects her body. She is a stickler for what goes into her body – no foolishness!  Her body is her temple and treats it as such… so why can’t I do the same thing? So, on December 30, 2016, I said goodbye to chicken.  I went to Bojangles and ordered a three-piece chicken – a leg, thigh, and wing and yes I ate every piece of it – it was good, but I knew in my heart it was time to let go. I was 157 pounds.
My transition was fairly easy.  Of course, I sought the help of Briana to start my new journey.  She has created this 21 Day Vegan Meal Plan and she recommended I try it out. It is amazing!  The ingredient list is easy to acquire and relatively inexpensive. The recipes were simple and quick to prepare—which is optimal for me because I have such a hectic and busy schedule. If I had any questions or concerns— I simply shot Free Spirit a text or email and she would quickly respond with a suggestion and or solution.

Well, I am now 25 pounds lighter and in the healthiest state of my entire adult life.  I am a ball of energy! My doctor described me as her healthiest patient and I have blood work to prove it.  My numbers are exceptional and I don’t have any vitamin deficiencies. Recently, I trained and ran (slow jog) a half marathon and just six months prior I could barely do a mile.


My decision to become vegan was not to lose weight (the pounds I have shed was just a bonus) but, to be able to have a healthier and more productive way of life.  To treat my body the way it should be treated – with respect and dignity – no more foolishness! Thank you, Briana, for showing me the light!
















Thanks for reading! Xoxo
peace & light,

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