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I’ve been vegan since June 2015 and living an natural lifestyle since April 2014. I made the decision to go Vegan for health reasons,  the environment, and most of all the animals. During the course of my journey, I have learned through experience, that eliminating animal products not only change your physical appearance on the outside but assists in changing the conversation on the inside.

Over the past few years, I have helped and encouraged many people to change their way of life and heal themselves through diet, self-love, positive thinking and natural remedies/alternatives. I am here to empower my clients/friends to accomplish their goals whether it be weight loss/gain, lifestyle change, spirituality, self-love, food cravings, energy levels, and their overall personal growth.

I have developed many tips and tricks to transform your life. I want to help you eliminate the desire of eating animals that die anxious, abused, depressed, and diseased. I am here to help you master habit change, dietary transitions and creating peace, love, and happiness in your life. Let’s work together and heal.

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Articles, Features, Children Events, etc…

Wellness Demonstrations
Speaking Events

Serious inquiries email me at

Health Consultations
Holistic, Plant-based health and wellness coaching

1-Hour Phone Consultation
In-Person Consultations

Serious inquiries email me at

Customized Meal Plans
(Available for Vegan/Raw Vegan options)

Customized Meal Plan

Meal Prepped Buddha Bowls
(Customized Options Available)
Standard Buddha Bowls (Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes, Avocado, Broccoli,  & Chickpeas).

6 Prepped Buddha Bowls$40
12 Prepped Buddha Bowls$70
18 Prepped Buddha Bowls $95
24 Prepped Buddha Bowls$130

Kitchen Clean Out (In-Person)
Turn your S.A.D. (Sad American Diet) into a plant-based diet.
– Personal Grocery Shopper – Restock Food – Personalized Grocery List
*Price includes the cost of groceries.

Family of 2 $349
Family of 4 $559
Kitchen Clean Out (Virtual) – $15

Do a virtual tour of your kitchen. Have Briana suggest food to remove and provide a personalized grocery list for you to replace with plant-based options.

Website Services
For a basic website start-up/customization.

   Website Startup – $150/a one time fee
Weekly Maintenance $60/bi-weekly

includes Domain purchase for one year & basic tutorial for you around the site. Open contact to send me weekly updates, to-do lists, photos, posts, etc.

Branding Services
 with Pieces of Porche

Sweet Start – $175
Bigger & Better
– $250


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