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est. 2015


To my readers, followers, fans, whatever you want to call it and even the newbies. I want to say thank you. Thank you for checking in, thank you for checking me out.

I created this outlet because honestly its in my blood to help others. Ever since I can remember I've been called an old soul, a mom, a free spirit, social butterfly, animal lover and so much more.

At some point I finally just started doing. Creating something even when I didn't have a clue what, where to start or where it originates.

My life is an open book. As open as I’m able to handle at least. As open as I feel is respectful. As open as I please and as raunchy and annoying as can be because this is MY outlet.

I want your support, I want your thoughts, I want you to learn from me, but don’t come here to judge me. Accept me for who I am today. Remember that I am human just like you. I heal differently.

peace & light