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21 Day Vegan Challenge

21 Day Vegan Challenge

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a minimal 21 day guide to help you understand what you can eat, when to eat, & how to navigate eating vegan throughout the day.

includes daily meal plans/suggestions on what to eat for:

am snack
pm snack
& dinner.

+ 20 of my favorite
beginner vegan recipes

- buddha bowls
- loaded avocado quesidillas
- vegan chili
- vegan spaghetti
- vegan stuffed peppers
- vegan chipotle bowl
- black bean avocado salad
- vegan pot roast
- vegan rice crispy treats
- falafel pitas
- portobello steaks
- vegan mashed potatoes
- sweet potato chili
- vegan blueberry pancakes
- carrot dogs
- roasted potatoes
- vegan curry
- vegan stir-fry
salads, fruit juices, smoothies, oatmeals, fruit mixes and more.

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